PHBP Benefits for Freelancers

As a freelance employee, there's never been a better time to be part of PHBP. From adding new benefits, to going GREEN, we keep getting better. Read below for the latest and greatest in freelance health benefits with PHBP.


Effective January 1, 2016, freelancers were provided with a reduced dependent cost structure, and effective July 1, 2017, freelance participants will receive free, comprehensive disability insurance with Metlife!



All eligible Freelance employees receive Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Vision, Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance at no cost on an annual basis. The insurance automatically renews as long as the eligibility requirements are met each year.


  • Work 100 days per year (“day” defined as a minimum of 8 hours, “year” as 12 consecutive months), OR
  • Earn $35,000 per year (as defined above). Only non-union commercial work in a covered job category for PHBP Participating Employers counts towards eligibility
  • Music videos, TV, Features, webisodes, etc. are NOT included
  • Coverage begins the 1st of the month following a 30 days processing period after the qualifying event (your 100th day worked or 35th thousand dollar earned)
  • Click here to check your work history.

Click here for a complete list of Participating Employers.


Work in the following job categories count towards PHBP eligibility, and includes all modifiers, adjectives, prefixes, suffixes or descriptive terms that may be added to the job title:

  • Producer, Line Producer, Bidder
  • Production Manager, Production Supervisor
  • Production Coordinator, Asst. Production Supervisor, DOT Coordinator
  • Production Assistant, PA


Work in the following job categories performed ONLY FOR PARTICIPATING EMPLOYERS WHO ARE NOT SIGNATORY TO THE IATSE COMMERCIAL AGREEMENT (a.k.a. ‘Non-Union’ Companies), counts towards PHBP eligibility (Confirm with your employer if they participate in the following categories):

  • Animator (2D or 3D), CG Supervisor, Designer, Compositor, Effects Artist, Flame Artist
  • Colorist, Editor, Assistant Editor, Post Production Supervisor, Post Production Producer
  • Finisher, Render Wrangler, Stitcher, Technical Director


The insurance is free, however all covered Freelancers pay a $300 annual administrative fee upon enrollment and with each annual policy renewal.


Covered Freelancers can add their dependents:

  • Dependents (Spouse, Domestic Partner, children) can be added for $250 per month for the 1st Dependent, plus $100 per month for each additional dependent.
  • Dependents can be added when the Freelancer first qualifies and enrolls in the PHBP.
  • Dependent’s can also be added during the open enrollment period in December for coverage effective Jan. 1.
  • Exceptions are made for special ‘life events’, such as, for example, if a spouse’s current employer provided insurance ceases to exist because the employer goes out of business. In this case, the soon-to-be formerly covered dependent can join PHBP without interruption. Do you have a potential “life event” that could impact the enrollment period for your dependents to join the PHBP? Click here to email the Plan Administrator and let us know your situation and we’ll be in touch.


  • Worked days in excess of 100 per year can be ‘banked’ for qualifying use in the next immediate qualifying year to help reach the 100 day requirement.
  • Worked days must be qualifying work for Participating Employers.

What if I don’t meet the eligibility requirements needed to re-qualify for continuing coverage by the PHBP?


  • Any banked days from your immediately preceding qualification period will be added to your current day count.
  • If the sum of your current qualifying days and your banked days is 100 days worked or more, you qualify for policy renewal.
  • Click here to review your work history and Banked Days.


You can “bridge” the gap between your actual days worked and the 100 days of work needed to requalify:

  • Combine your actual work days with any banked days from last year’’s qualifying period.
  • The total of banked and worked days must be at least 50 days.
  • Make monthly payments equal to $5.71 per day needed to bridge the gap between your total days and the 100 days needed for coverage.
  • Example: you have 20 days banked from your previous qualifying year and worked 48 days in the current qualifying year, for a total of 68 days. That’s 32 days short of the 100 needed to re-qualify. The Bridge Payment would be be 32 days x $5.71 per day, for a total of $188.43 per month.
  • Bridge payments can be made for up to 12 months, or until you re-qualify by earning $35,000 or working 100 days in a consecutive year.
  • Click here to contact the Plan Administrator to set up bridge payments. Bridge payments must be set-up PRIOR to the termination of your current coverage.


  • If your PHBP coverage is terminated for failure to re-qualify, you will be offered COBRA continuation coverage.
  • You may pay the cost of your insurance premium plus a small administration fee and continue your PHBP coverage for up to 18 months. Generally, the PHBP premiums are likely to be much less than a similar policy would cost on the individual market.
  • Current 2018 COBRA monthly costs are $582.73 for employee, $1,272.90 for Employee plus Spouse, $1.067.20 for Employee plus Child or Children, $1,807.16 for Employee plus entire family.
  • Click here to contact the Plan Administrator to set up COBRA continuation coverage or get more information.